Peel Cubico Renewables is committed to working proactively with the local communities within which we operate.

Peel Cubico Renewables will always offer a community benefits contribution (CBC) package with the renewable energy schemes that it promotes. This extends to onshore solar, wind and energy park’ projects that incorporate a mix of technologies.

We will deliver a bespoke tailored CBC package for the host community and to make this happen we will:
• Engage early, often, and consistently
• Listen to and respect everyone’s views
• Forego formulaic approaches
• Foster ideas and commitment
• Encourage local governance of any funds

The resulting package will be durable, flexible, perfectly customised and an ideal fit for the community.

Peel Cubico Renewables will, at a corporate level, consistently support charitable causes in line with its ESG objectives such as (but not limited to) fuel poverty, sustainability, and education.

In the meantime, if you would like to discuss our community involvement please get in touch.

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