Why Renewables?

We are in the decisive decade for tackling climate change. Despite recent progress in many sectors, global emissions of greenhouse gases continue to be dangerously high. Peel Cubico Renewables believes that this can and must change. Without a much stronger, urgent and focused effort, we risk breaching the 1.5°C of warming that the IPCC believes will see many natural systems cross dangerous points of no return, triggering lasting changes and transforming life as we know it.

With the adoption of the sixth Carbon Budget, the UK is seemingly on an ambitious path toward Net Zero. Peel Cubico Renewables intends that this target setting is translated into action on the ground. We want to accelerate the roll-out of established, renewable, proven technologies such as onshore wind and solar PV.

Onshore wind

We are committed to the development of onshore wind projects across the UK.

The plunging costs of onshore wind in comparison to fossil-fuel based generation is helping accelerate the transition to a low carbon economy. We work with major turbine suppliers to ensure that performance from our wind farms is optimised from the start. Peel NRE’s track record for schemes spans across the UK, both operational and consented, include: Frodsham Wind Farm, Scout Moor, Port of Liverpool, Beaw Field, Mossy Hill and Bilsthorpe. Cubico’s operational onshore wind projects include: Penmanshiel, Middlewick, Wandylaw, Chiplow, Kelmarsh and Winwick.

Solar PV

Large scale solar PV will continue to play an important role in decarbonising the UK’s electricity market.

As an owner and operator of solar farms, we understand the siting, development, and operational considerations required to deliver projects. We are developing a bespoke ‘private-wire’ solution for Doncaster Sheffield Airport and are originating projects across the UK. In the UK, Cubico’s operational solar PV project include Grantham, Overton, Wisbech, Hadlow, Newlands, Barton Close, Bake Farm, New Mains, Broxted, Southfields, Kinblethmont and Owl’s Hatch.

To find out more about how we can help you meet your net zero carbon targets please get in touch.